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Blueberry Pancakes
If you like your blueberries with a side of pancakes, our Blueberry Pancakes are for you! Starting with our already-delicious buttermilk batter, we carefully fold in tons of whole, wild blueberries (never artificial flavoring) to ensure a wholesome, fruity flavor in every bite.
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Nutritional Info

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Cooking Instructions

Warm and fluffy pancakes are just a minute away! Simply unwrap a 3-pack stack of pancakes, place them on a microwave-safe plate, and pop them in the microwave. Heat on high for 60 seconds, let cool, and enjoy!

Customer Reviews...
1 month(s) ago

This pancakes are the best! Even from the microwave, they are light and have a great taste. I have tried \"other\" frozen pancakes, and my son can tell right away! Sometimes at the store when the pancake shelf is empty I instantly fear that the secret is out...Your Pancakes Are Great!!!

Suzanne Glaspey from Greenwich NJ
1 month(s) ago

I and my grandchildren love your pancakes. They are easy and taste great. Unfortunately one grandchild and myself have had to go Gluten Free. It sure would be wonderful if you would develop a Gluten Free pancake that is as delicious as your regular pancakes.

Louise Habegger from Fuquay Varina NC
1 month(s) ago

My sons and I love the Buttermilk Pancakes. They are light and fluffy every time. They also have a slight aroma and taste of vanilla. I love the package size as well. Each batch of 3 is individually wrapped making it easy to store the rest. We often eat them with no topping at all.

shannon schleif from orchard park NY
1 month(s) ago

These things are incredible! Why people aren't stocking these up in their fridges and hoarding them I have no idea. Not only is the product fantastic but the company is eager to reach out to people in pursuit of making the experience with their products that much more enjoyable! Thank you!

Mike Royer from FL
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“Thank you so much for using a nut-free facility. My daughter has a nut allergy and it is so comforting being able to give her food she already loves, without fear.”
- Nequel G
“I can't believe I bought these pancakes from the store! Sweet, light, and full of deliciousness!”
- April R
“Weekday mornings in my house are a complete whirlwind, but your pancakes make morning breakfast tasty, nutritious, and, more importantly, easy!”
- Sabrina O